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Very rare Hooters Oyster serving tray

Very rare Hooters Oyster serving tray

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Very rare and very collectible

Used by the Hooters staff to serve oysters and other items as well

Hard Plastic
Very sturdy

Can also double as a Hooters wall sign

Size 13.1/4” x 2”
Color white orange

Great for any of your seafood nights or parties
Great for any kind of food or drinks

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All dimensions taken across the front laying flat


T-Medium-14-1/2" waist 10" rise

U-Small-14" waist 9-1/2" rise

A-XSmall-12-1/2" waist 8-1/2" rise

E-2XSmall-12" waist 8-1/2" rise

B-3XSmall- 11" waist " rise


Large-25-1/2" long 15-1/2" bust

Medium-25" long 14-1/2" bust

Small-24" long 12-3/4" bust

X-Small-23-1/2" long 12-3/4"bust

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