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Hooters Girls Calendar Trading Collector Cards 1994

Hooters Girls Calendar Trading Collector Cards 1994

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These very rare Hooters girl calendar trading cards from 1994

They feature different calendar girls picture on the front and a bio on the back

The cards are placed randomly throughout the packages

Only 34 packages left so when they are gone they are gone

Perfect for the diehard Hooters girl memorabilia collector

The pictures show 9 cards from 1 pack as they were placed at the manufacturer

They will probably not be representative of what you will get when you buy them

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All dimensions taken across the front laying flat


T-Medium-14-1/2" waist 10" rise

U-Small-14" waist 9-1/2" rise

A-XSmall-12-1/2" waist 8-1/2" rise

E-2XSmall-12" waist 8-1/2" rise

B-3XSmall- 11" waist " rise


Large-25-1/2" long 15-1/2" bust

Medium-25" long 14-1/2" bust

Small-24" long 12-3/4" bust

X-Small-23-1/2" long 12-3/4"bust

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