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Peavey Women's Light Support Footed Pantyhose in Suntan

Peavey Women's Light Support Footed Pantyhose in Suntan

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These are the original women's Hooters girl pantyhose

Pair them with the Hooters shorts and tank top for the complete outfit costume look

Great for a Halloween costume

These are the original Peavey Light Support Footed Pantyhose in Suntan

20DN reinforced crotch double stitched leg flattering support

Available in Sizes A-Q

A 5’0”-5’3” UP TO 120 LBS

B 5’3”-5’6” UP TO 135 LBS

C 5’6”-5’8” UP TO 150 LBS

D 5’8”-6’0” UP TO 165 LBS

Q OVER 6’0” UP TO 230 LBS


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All dimensions taken across the front laying flat


T-Medium-14-1/2" waist 10" rise

U-Small-14" waist 9-1/2" rise

A-XSmall-12-1/2" waist 8-1/2" rise

E-2XSmall-12" waist 8-1/2" rise

B-3XSmall- 11" waist " rise


Large-25-1/2" long 15-1/2" bust

Medium-25" long 14-1/2" bust

Small-24" long 12-3/4" bust

X-Small-23-1/2" long 12-3/4"bust

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